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The Hotel dei Pini is situated in an ideal position, in the heart of the Coral Riviera, a few kilometrers from Alghero.

Alghero is situated in the north west of Sardinia, in the centre of western basin of the Mediterranea Sea, in an area of high geographical and historical value. The coastline that runs from Capo dell'Argentiera, in the north, to Torre Poglina, in the south, is also called the Coral Riviera, and is one of the most beautiful of the island.

It is easy to reach Hotel dei Pini:

To reach Sardinia by plane

Please consult Alghero airport web page for the most updated information about flights to Sardinia. If you plan to fly with a low cost airline you may find useful information following the links:

More flights to Sardinia: Alitalia, Air One, KLM, Iberia, British Airways, Airfrance, Lufthansa.

By ferry

If you intend to travel by ferry here a few companies travelling to/from Sardinia: Mobylines, Sardinia Ferries, Tirrenia, Snav.

Public transport

First time visitors often think of Sardinia as a small island. That is not so, and many locations (especially in the mountainous hinterland) are difficult to reach by public transport especially out of season (i.e. from September to June). Should you choose nonetheless to travel by public transport it is advisable that you plan your trip and obtain full train and buses timetables in advance. Public and private transport links are provided below.


Ferrovie dello Stato - State Rail Company.

Ferrovie della Sardegna - Only provides local services between Cagliari and Isili, Nuoro and Macomer and from Sassari to Alghero, Nulvi and Sorso.

Buses and coaches

ARST- Sardinia public transport authorities. ARST buses provide a fairly comprehensive transport network even to remote villages. Tickets have to be bought in advance and must be stamped on board. Tickets are available at coach stations or authorised bars, shops and newsagents. N.B.: there are no Sunday and Public Holiday services to many locations.

Long distance coaches provide connections between Sassari, Nuoro, Oristano, Cagliari and airports, the main ones are:

Logudoro Tours - 2 coach routes: one between Alghero Airport and Cagliari (stopping at Oristano and Macomer) with a timetable to match Ryan Air flights; the other between Porto Torres and Orune (stopping at a number of villages). Tickets can be purchased on board. Available also for coach hire.

Turmo Travel - Coach routes are: Cagliari/ Santa Teresa di Gallura; Cagliari/ Olbia Airport; Olbia/ Sassari; Olbia/ Santa Teresa di G.; Bonorva/ Alghero. Available also for coach hire.

Ferrovie della Sardegna - Coach and bus services organised by the Sardinian Railways. Local services are quite extensive, check the website.

Fara Viaggi - Connections between Oristano and Cagliari Airport (very cheap), Oristano and Olzai (with many stops in between), Alghero and its airport, Sassari area, Macomer and Ardauli. During the summer they provide services to main tourist areas, such as campsites and beaches, around Alghero and Oristano.

Digitur - Two routes: (1) Porto Torres/ Sassari/ Bosa/ Cuglieri/ Is Arenas; (2) Alghero Airport to Santa Teresa di Gallura stopping at major tourist destinations en-route (such as, Castelsardo, Valledoria e Costa Paradiso). The website is in Italian only, but timetables, destinations and stops are easily viewable by clicking on AUTOLINEE.

Autolinee Pani - Links are between the main towns of Nuoro, Sassari, Oristano and Cagliari with very few stops and and only 2 or 3 services per day for each route. They don't have a website, call them to find out timetables and prices. Telephone numbers for Pani office in Nuoro: 0784-36856 and in Sassari 079-236983.

Redentour Deplanu - Connections between Alghero Airport and Nuoro. The fare is 9.50 EUR and the journey takes 2.20 hours. They do not have a website but they can be contacted by telephone at the numbers +39 0784 30325 or +39 0784 31458.

Sun Lines - They do not have a website, but you can click here for their timetable (Olbia/ Emerald Coast/ Palau) or for information call: +39 0789 50885.

You can find addition information about Sardinia and its territory at Sardegna Turismo.